Monday, November 5, 2012

Most Prized Possession

Last night, I had a dream that some guy stole this beauty:

 It's my sewing machine that used to by my mom's, and I'm pretty sure it's older than I am. 

I woke up crying. 

I didn't think I was that attached to my 30-year-old machine, but then I remembered this video that Andrea and I made a couple of years ago:

Maybe I am.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

That's my husband

Tonight I was working in our extra room and Riley was studying in the kitchen. I have my sewing machine set up next to the printer and I heard the printer start up. I thought he was just printing off slides, but this is what I saw when I looked at it:

   He makes me happy.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yes, I did make my costume out of pillowcase.
I was surprised  how long it was; it was the perfect fit!  
We had a pretty fun Halloween. Riley had an intramural soccer game that night; it was the first game in the tournament, and they're in the upper division, so we couldn't miss it. Plus they were already short 4 guys.  They didn't have any subs, so you could tell the team was tired about halfway into it. They lost, but its double -elimination, so they still have a shot. We'll see what happens at their game on Friday night...
After the game we went to Rodge and Mara's to get the rest of Riley's outfit (which is not really a costume because he wears them on days that are not Halloween) and we got to see Rodge's classic MJ costume and dance that goes along with it. I don't think the kids who come to the door think its funny to see this old guy dancing to MJ songs while he hands them candy, but believe me, it's REALLY funny. He's got the moves.

We went up to Sarah and Tim's house for the party after that, which was basically not a party anymore because everyone had gotten out of their costumes already and Eli was asleep, but it was still fun. The little kids (and Jo Jo) were excited to show us all of their candy (Rightly so. What little kid doesn't want to show you how much candy they got?) and they put their costumes back on so we could see how cute they were.

The girls. (Emmy was tired at this point.)