Thursday, September 29, 2016

12 Months of Photos

A closer look at the pictures I took of Fin every month for his first year. It now hangs in Fin's room, and it's a fun little keepsake.I put it in an old window frame that we had from our wedding and just stuck each picture on with washi tape.

Finley is ONE!

Fin's first birthday was last month and we had a big party with both of our families. It was so much fun to celebrate with him!

Fin loves ALL animals, so we decided to have an animal party. I got dollar store animals and made little party hats for them as our decorations, had a few balloons, and I made a little backdrop for his cake smash. We had a pinata and did balloon animals for the kids, and we all had a great time.

One of my favorite decorations were these pictures of Fin in the same chair every month. It is so cute to see how he progressed over his first year and now it's hanging in his room.
Our decorations were animals wearing party hats or carrying presents. (Also, Morgan's stache?)

We printed off our favorite pictures of Fin and hung them on string with clothespins.

Hal and Whit made balloon animals for the kids in keeping with the theme of the party.
Fin and his two grandmas. They're just the best!

And we had a pinata! Horse, of course.

Kissing Cousins

Riley definitely seems more excited about the barn than Fin. That's all Riley ever asked for for birthdays or Christmas growing up; "horse barn", so we thought we'd just go ahead and get one for Fin. 

Sitting in his new chair that matches Covey's
Cupcakes for the kids. It was so hot that day the frosting melted! They didn't care though.
I love that he crosses his little feet every time he gets in his highchair or car seat.

These cousins wanted to be in the picture...

Really into pointing these days
Once he was done with the cake, he started dancing. He loved being the center of attention.

Only got one picture with mom and dad, and by this time he was DONE. It was too much fun!
 I made mason jars favors with animal lids filled with animal crackers for the little cousins and cookie favors for the adults. They were "1" cookies decorated with royal icing because I'm really into those right now, but of course I forgot to take a picture of them! And they were the most time consuming part!

In the background, we played a little video we made for his birthday of videos we took during his first year. It doesn't even begin to make a dent in all of the videos we took. He's just the best thing that ever happened to us!

And because Fin's actual birthday was on a Sunday, I took a couple of shots of him in his crib before church. He was ready for a nap, if you can't tell.

 I can't believe our baby isn't a baby anymore! This year went by so fast, but it was easily the best year of both mine and Riley's lives (and probably Fin's life too...)