Friday, December 4, 2015

Riley's Signature Swaddle

Riley has been swaddling Fin like this since he was born. At first I hated it, but he actually does get the better swaddle out of the two of us (I only recently got it down really good, now that he's growing out of his blanket...), and Fin doesn't seem to mind it.

I just had to document it:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fin is 3 Months!!

We love life with Fin. He is such a perfect little guy. He'll be three months on Saturday! Lately he loves his baths, dad's beard, sucking on his hands, his changing table, annnndddddd (new this week) his Bumbo! He's grown out of most of his 0-3 clothes, which makes me sad since he's not even three months yet! Stop growing up so fast kid! I always get mad when Riley puts him in 6 month Jammie's or size 2 diapers. He can still squeeze into his size 1s and 3 month pjs, but they are pretty tight. I'm just in denial about the whole getting bigger thing.
Speaking of getting bigger...We took him to his 2 month appointment in October and they told us that he weight 8lbs, 12 oz. it didn't sound right to me, and it was a new girl doing the weighing, so I was pretty sure that was wrong. The next week we went to a family friend who is doing a medical assisting program and did a practice exam on Fin. And he actually weighed 13 lbs, 8 oz........ So my real doctors office was waaaay off. Cool. (What a chunk of a baby!!! It's all gone to his cheeks)

He's losing his hair which is so sad! But I'm hoping he won't lose it all. It's also quite a bit lighter than it was when he was first born. He's starting to swat and grab at things and I think that's one of the best parts of being a mom (besides all the snuggling) is watching them grow and develop. It's so fun!

Another thing that is so exciting is Christmas with a baby! I always love Christmas but I am so much  more excited for Christmas with Fin. I know he isn't going to understand what's going on, but I can't wait to put up the tree (I know he'll love looking at the lights) and making his own stocking. It's going to be magical!
We don't want out kids to be spoiled, but now I totally understand why some kids are! It's hard to stop buying  Christmas preset a for them. I keep thinking, oh he needs that, and it'll be so fun to see him play with that... I. Can. Not. Stop.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fin's Blessing

Riley was able to bless Finley on September 27th and it was the most perfect day. It was amazing to see my husband, dad, father-in-law and all of mine and Riley's brothers stand in the circle to bless Fin - there were a lot of them! Riley gave a beautiful blessing and I think it was one of the best moments of my life. It was totally overwhelming for me to see how many good influences Finley will have in his life and to see how many people love him. We have the greatest families.

Finley wore a little romper that all of my brother's wore when they were blessed. It's vintage - 35 years old! We were worried that he wouldn't fit in it because he's getting so big, but it fit him perfectly. We used to have little white leather shoes that went with it, but in all of our moves over the years, they got lost somewhere. :( My mom thought he needed leather shoes, so she bought him some that match his outfit too; little blue and white shoes. They were so cute.

When I went on a study abroad to Jerusalem 5 years ago, I got a little white blanket from Bethlehem to bless my babies in. It means to much to me to wrap my baby in this blanket from Jesus Christ's birth place. There's just something special about it and I'm glad we got to use it with Fin.

Being blessed just wore him right out

Fin is just the light of our lives. We love him so much and can't get enough of his cute little face! Can you tell? 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Getting Older

Fin is getting older. And bigger. And cuter! He's 5 weeks now and is awake more during the day, which is fun. We're also starting to see more of his little personality. He recently grew out of most of his newborn clothes, but size 0-3 is too big for him so he's just swimming in them. We love every day with him and are obsessed! How could you not be obsessed with that hair??

I was nervous about becoming a mom and about how my relationship with Riley would change and about not having time to myself anymore and taking care of another human and being at home all day, but having Finley here just makes my life and relationships more fulfilling. It's amazing and I've loved every second of being a mom. Even those hard nights when he won't go back to sleep no matter what you try, it doesn't matter because he's so cute and precious. I heard someone say that the reason babies smile is so that you don't want to hurt them. Haha.
Sunday Outfit

I am really wary of blowing up everyone's instagrams and Facebook feeds with pictures of him because I know no one thinks he's as cute as much as we do..... So I'm just going to put all those pictures here. Well, not all of them, because we literally take hundreds of pictures of him.

Going to Dad's Soccer Game
"F" is for Finley

Loves his Longhorn
Hanging out in the wrap

Riley and I left him for the first time this week for about 2 1/2 hours to go to the temple. It wasn't too long, but the longest I'd been away from him was about an hour. It just felt weird not to have him with me, but it was nice to get out with Riley. The last time we went to the temple was the night before he was born and I went into labor just a few hours later. We also got to go on a horse ride, which we hadn't done together since before I got pregnant. We're lucky that we have so many family members around who are willing to watch him if we want to do things like that. 

Monday, August 31, 2015


We got to meet our sweet little babe on August 14th at 8:11pm.

Meet Finley R Lyman
Finley is my maiden name, and we picked it out pretty early on in my pregnancy. I had to see him to be sure that he was a Finley, but Riley has been calling him Fin since we first got pregnant. It took me a couple of days to actually fill out his birth certificate, but now we think he's totally a Finley.

We chose the letter R for his middle name after his dad and two grandpas: Riley, Rodger, and Randall (three birds with one stone!)

He's fresh from heaven and we are obsessed with him. We are "those parents" who think their kid is the cutest baby in the world. We can't help it! He just stole our hearts!

I love love love my little family and I'm so grateful for them. 

My boys

Everyone always talks about how much their love grows when they have children. I've never understood it and I never knew how I would love someone as much as I love Riley, but it's really true. Having a baby makes your heart grow so much. 

It has been kind of hard to not be getting much sleep (thanks to my mom and mother in law, I do get to take naps sometimes, which are AMAZING!!!), but it's worth it. I was nervous about being a mom because I really don't know what I'm doing, but I absolutely love it! Riley loves being a dad too and has been so helpful with the baby (refer to my Best Husband Ever post...)

He is just the sweetest babe ever and we love him so much!