Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Last week was a pretty big week in the Lyman household.

On Monday, Finley rolled from back to front four times! He hasn't done it again for 10 days.... So I guess he's just over it. We try to recreate the setting where it happened the first time (laying on the ground and trying to get to his car seat and Downton Abbey DVDs), but he's never interested enough to roll again. Oh well. He will someday. And I kind of don't mind that he's not mobile yet because we can still lay him on our bed.

Over the weekend (a week and a half ago) Fin was super drooly. He doesn't usually drool out of control like that and we felt to see if he was teething. We couldn't tell. On Sunday and Monday night, he slept horribly! Like waking up every hour or so. NOT fun for anyone. Then Tuesday morning I checked his little mouth and a bottom tooth had popped up! It was so fast! He was ever cranky during the day,never had a fever or flushed checks, so we didn't think it was teething, but it was! And a few days later, the second bottom tooth came through. And he's back to sleeping better at night! I Know I'm such a mom but they're the cutest little teeth I've ever seen.

On Sunday morning, we were playing with Fin and we sat him up. He always used to just fall over with no support, but this time his eyes locked in on his toes and sat by himself! He falls forward when he tries to grab his toes but he is sitting up by himself. 

Drooly Kid
Sucking on middle fingers like his mama

Tiny tooth barely popping through

Sitting up like a big kid and playing in the water
Cousin time
He just turned 5 months and has been wearing 6 month clothes for almost 2 months now

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